• R&D department: Biopharmaceutical Researchers Recruit
  • 2-3 person

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for one of the following work:

(1) research and development of new drugs for gene therapy of neurological diseases, and be responsible for the management and implementation of new drug research and development pipelines. (2) Research and development of gene therapy technology with AAV as carrier, responsible for the design and optimization of AAV vector (including target, internal elements and AAV capsid).

2. Be responsible for the design and management implementation of the R&D scheme, as well as the project design, implementation, experimental data sorting, processing, analysis and report of experimental results;

3. Solve key technical problems during project implementation;

4. Be responsible for assisting the project management in the process of product research and development, coordinating and promoting cross departmental cooperation and connection;

5. Assist in writing various patented technologies and relevant scientific research papers;

6. Assist the R&D department in foreign cooperation and other work.

Job requirements:

1. Doctor's degree or master's degree (with more than 3 years of working experience in the field of neurological diseases or gene therapy), major in medicine, physiology, pharmacy and molecular biology, and neurobiology / medicine / gene therapy research background is preferred;

2. Have one of the following backgrounds (1) relevant research and  experience of AAV virus, and experience in AAV virus design and transformation is preferred. (2) Experience in animal models of central nervous system diseases, master basic behavioral experimental methods, and be familiar with the targets and mechanisms of nervous system diseases;

3. Have rich experience in cytology and molecular biology experiments. Master basic experimental techniques such as PCR, Western blot, plasmid construction, cell culture, pathological section making and analysis; Proficient in graphpad prism, vector NTI and other professional biological analysis software;

4. Have strong skill of data retrieval, data analysis and problem solving abilities;

5. Strong sense of responsibility and focus on compliance; Be able to handle multiple tasks efficiently; Publish high-quality SCI papers or patent experience is preferred;

6. Proactive, good at communication, good team spirit and excellent pressure resistance.


If you are interested in joining us, please send your full resume and application to hr@sineugene.com or submit it via the contact form.

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