AAV Screening


SineuGene screens for new AAV capsid variances specifically targeting CNS, in order to accelerate gene therapy in CNS.

Screening strategy

SineuGene and PackGene collaborate on screening for AAV capsid variances for CNS-specific gene delivery. We created the AAV capsid variance library by randomly replacing amino acids with or inserting that into the corresponding sequences located on the AAV capsid surface, in accordance with the newly-published AAV capsid protein structure. We screen for the new capsids on BBB on chip in vitro or by injections of the capsid libraries intrathecally into macaque or intravenously into marmoset in vivo. In combination with high-throughput sequencing and AI, the validated new capsid with high permeability for the non-human primate CNS may help to end up with new AAV serotypes for future clinical applications in brain disorders.

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